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About | Career Creations International

Who is Julie Knutsen?

PhD, M.B.A

In mid-August 2018 I ‘hit the wall’. My inability to find a solution to feeling trapped in a career that no longer satisfied me became almost unbearable.

You see, I’m normally decisive and positive. But, as I sat in a chair in my lounge room, I realised I had felt really sad for some time. I was so tired from the sadness. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t dare to move out of that chair. I’d been sitting in it for nearly two hours, with just my phone in my hand.

I didn’t dare move because I lived on the twenty-second floor of a high-rise apartment. I didn’t really want to die. But at that moment, the peace of death seemed like it would solve everything.

I couldnt understand it.

There was so much about my life I should be happy about.

But very little of it seemed to be about

what I really love to do.

I decided to call my dad. I just wanted to hear his voice. He always has a funny joke that makes me laugh. I tried to sound chirpy. But straight away he asked, ‘What’s wrong?’.

We talked. I sobbed. With his help, I started to see how to make the connections between what I had achieved and the pathway that I was trying to find. Then he said, ‘I’m very proud of you. Whatever it is you want to do, do it. And, whatever that is, I’ll be just as proud of you for that too’.

I now understand that what I was experiencing is called

‘career atrophy’.

The word ‘atrophy’ means the partial and complete wasting away of a part of the body, which sounds awful. Likewise, career atrophy occurs when you are plagued by a thought that, every day you are wasting away at the same job. You feel unrewarded and unfulfilled and have a sense that your career has fallen asleep.

Often, youve known for some time that something needs to change.

But you find yourself unable to act or envision a different path. These thoughts can affect anybody regardless of rank, age or gender and can paralyse any good career decisions you are trying to make. Other aspects of your life, personal and financial, are possibly suffering too.

As I got out of that chair in 2018, I had a compelling realisation about my gift for being a great teacher; an alchemist of strategy with a Mary Poppins-like way of pulling an endless supply of tools and ideas out of a bag.

Up until that point,

art and business had always seemed realms apart.

I had anguished over how to align the two, when they seem so contradictory. But suddenly, after 40 years of anguish, I understood.

When I look at art, I have immense appreciation for the talent that painted the masterpieces – and that’s how I see the potential of talent in people.

Immediately I thought, that is my purpose.

That is my heartsong.

Finally, it was so clear and …..

Career Creations International was born.

So many people are in pain because they are unable to find a way to express their talent, trapped in a cycle of career atrophy, just like I was.

I couldn’t deny any longer that my gift would benefit other people to come to their own realisations about their own talents.

Equally important, was my personal experience of career atrophy. In the same way my dad coached me towards a brighter future, I knew I had to pay that help forward.

Whats My Mission?

As a teacher, educator and writer I know my life’s purpose is to be a channel for the creativity of women worldwide.

My intention is to ignite your possibilities and help you find what I call …

your heartsong.

I have long been impressed by the difference that women bring to an organisation when their heartsong is aligned to the work they do.

And so …..

My mission is to play a major part in bringing about a world where all women in management enjoy the work they do and feel empowered to celebrate the difference they make and the possibilities they ignite for themselves and those in their care.

Highlights of My Career



PhD Awarded December 2016 – Title: The Benefits of Financial Coaching in the Professional Financial Planning Context


Awarded MBA from Griffith University


Graduate Diploma from Australian Institute of Company Directors

Track Record


12+ years active engagement in financial planning industry in Australia


15+ years leading undergraduate and postgraduate financial planning education at Central Queensland and Griffith Universities


15+ years executive leadership and global implementation [Australia, New York and London] of corporate education and strategic talent development plans in financial services arena.


25+ years Professional Educator /Presenter topics including property investment, banking and finance, broad and specific financial planning topics.

Notable Achievements


Overhauled teaching deliverables and integrated real-world financial planning initiatives. Results: Doubled enrolments in undergraduate financial planning degrees and maintained above-average student evaluation scores [4.2 – 5/5], consistently over 15 years and across 10 different financial planning units of study.


Reporting to CEO, Bartercard International, led large-scale corporate education and human capital development of 800+ staff. Results: increased turnover from $500,000 per month to $50,000,000 per month over 8 consecutive years, production of a ‘suite’ of flexible and blending organizational learning resources with intellectual property value of $50,000 per set.


Awarded Winner 1998 Directors’ Choice – Employee of the Year for exceeding targets and Winner 1998 and 97 Directors’ Choice – Service Excellence and Support to International client base


Reporting to CEO, County Natwest, completed international secondments to London and New York to open new markets, develop internal and external collaborative relationships. Results: successful establishment of satellite presence of leading Australian organisations in each region and increase opportunity for profit from a global presence.

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